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Building Architecture

What is
8 Ventures Group?

Based out of Denver, Colorado, 8 Ventures is a real estate investment management firm specializing in finding properties and connecting them with investors through the acquisition and operations of multifamily assets located in the Rocky Mountain States, Southwest, and Midwest.

Our Core Strategy is to acquire off market multifamily assets in submarkets within metro areas that have and are seeing upward trending economic growth and employment.

Our Core Mission is to create value for its residents by increasing their quality of living, and for its partners and stakeholders through sustained revenue growth, controlled expenses, and appreciated value.

8Ventures Logo

The Number 8

In Pythagorean numerology the number 8 represents victory, prosperity and overcoming. 8 gives an idea of growing prosperous.  8 is considered a lucky number in Japan because the letter (八) broadens gradually.  The lucky number 8 represents prosperity or wealth amongst the Chinese.

Investor Return Goals

Internal Rate of Return: 

 +15% (yearly)

Average yearly cash

on cash return:


Equity multiplier

after 5 years:


8Ventures Logo
8 Ventures Logo
Quaint Street

Acquisition Criteria

Quaint Street


Colorado (Front Range Metro areas)

Kentucky (Louisville and Lexington)

Missouri (Kansas City metro)

Ohio (Cincinnati and Columbus)

Texas (San Antonio, Dallas, Austin)




Off Market

Within or close to larger metro areas

Asset in good condition with only cosmetic rehab needed

20 - 250 Units

$3 million - $25 million purchase price

Investment Strategy

3-5 Year Cycle


Rehab/Streamline Operations




Return of Investment


  • Acquire properties with strong value add upside through rehab and efficient property management

  • Property size: 20 – 250 units

  • Scale and acquire many properties in same submarkets to gain operational efficiencies


Meet Our Team

Chris Fett

Christopher Fett


Mark D Zaltzman

Mark Zaltzman

Investor Capital Manager

Troy Kellenberger

Troy Kellenberger

Operations Manager

David C. Olcott

David C. Olcott

Executive Coach

Jerry Graham

Jerry Graham

Rehab/Construction Manager

Paul Lirette

Paul Lirette

Executive Coach

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